RELIEF – STRESS PREVENTION by SCHEELEN®: Everybody talks about stress, let’s measure it!

Relief par ScheleenRELIEF is a diagnostic tool linked to occupational psychology for measuring stress. This comprehensive online tool available in English, French and German is based on sound scientific research and has been classified as « recommended measure 2017 » by the reference body for health prevention in Germany.

As a company sensitized to the theme of corporate health promotion, you will definitely recognize this product as an essential contribution to the analysis of potential psychic risks within your organization. Based on this analysis, our consultants can assist your company with practical interventions and develop tailored coaching programs for your employees.

Potential burnout tendency can therefore be treated preventatively and stopped in time. Contact us to get an offer !

Discover this tool while participating in a workshop on our premises. The participants will get a free personal RELIEF analysis.

StressIndex Quick Check RELIEF®- The mini version of RELIEF®

StressIndex Quick Check, from RELIEF®, is an 11-question quiz that provides a first overview of the situation regarding an employee’s stress level. Based on these questions, it makes it possible to establish a first orientation as well as a general recommendation about the measures to be taken to support the employee, whether it is the signing of a RELIEF® or an individual support.

This quiz is online, which allows employees to carry out the quiz anywhere and anytime and completes the HR managers’ toolbox with a quick tool and opens up other measures and action opportunities for the well-being of employees.

Personal Test : INSIGHTS MDI®

Each person is unique! Nevertheless, basic characteristics and personality styles exist, which are defined in various psychological models to understand human behavior and the needs of human beings. The knowledge of these psychological findings is a remarkable addition to human intuitive knowledge.

INSIGHTS MDI® allows you to recognize your own behavior and those of others, and improve your ability to adapt to the professional environment. Self-understanding and knowledge of its own values ​​and strengths offers a decisive advantage in professional as well as in private social interaction.

The INSIGHTS MDI® test is a psychometric instrument that has proved its worth and has already been extensively tested for validity and reliability.

This personality test is a diagnostic system that allows you to create personality profiles and define situational requirements profiles.

The potential analysis is based on a holistic approach: behavior, values ​​and motives as well as abilities and skills are put into a common context. There are neither winners nor losers, there is no good or bad behavior, there are only personal preferences and strengths – an ideal basis for the right person to be in the right place and to promote them individually.

Test INSIGHTS MDI®, a global leader in personality analysis and development of potential; Module depending on position/requirement:

  • Analyzing the person’s potential, style, behavior and personal values
  • Submitting a comprehensive and detailed report of between 40 and 45 pages
  • Debriefing with the candidate
  • Debriefing with the client (with the candidate’s consent)
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