Discover RELIEF – Stress prevention by SCHEELEN®

Relief par ScheleenYou wish to measure your level of stress scientifically? understand the sources of your day-to-day stress and how you perhaps increase stress by yourself, without realizing it? You would like to adopt new behaviours sustaining your wellbeing and potentially avoid the escalating spiral of burnout ?

Our major new feature: RELIEF Individual – stress prevention by SCHEELEN® is a powerful tool for online diagnostic aimed to bring all necessary keys to understand mechanisms and resources for stress management.

Thanks to the results of this test, we can offer a coaching formula tailored to your needs and meant to minimize the impact of stress on your health.

The tool RELIEF by SCHEELEN® is considered as « recommended measure 2017 » by the reference body for prevention in Germany.

Why don’t you start by getting a first glimpse of your stress level? StressIndex Quick Check is a 11-questions quiz based on the RELIEF®.  On the help of these questions, a first indication of your stress level and general recommendations are established. This first orientation is not a diagnosis but allows you to assess where you stand and to undertake coaching if desired.

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Personal Test: INSIGHTS MDI®

Each person is unique! Nevertheless, basic characteristics and personality styles exist, which are defined in various psychological models to understand human behavior and the needs of human beings. The knowledge of these psychological findings is a remarkable addition to human intuitive knowledge.

INSIGHTS MDI® allows you to recognize your own behavior and those of others, and improve your ability to adapt to the professional environment. Self-understanding and knowledge of its own values ​​and strengths offers a decisive advantage in professional as well as in private social interaction.

The INSIGHTS MDI® test is a psychometric instrument that has proved its worth and has already been extensively tested for validity and reliability. This personality test is a diagnostic system that allows you to create personality profiles and define situational requirements profiles.

The potential analysis is based on a holistic approach: behavior, values ​​and motives as well as abilities and skills are put into a common context. There are neither winners nor losers, there is no good or bad behavior, there are only personal preferences and strengths – an ideal basis for the right person to be in the right place and to promote them individually.

INSIGHT MDI® Talent Test – Modules by choice, to suit your needs

  • Individual report of about 40-45 pages including assessment of your skills, your own communication style, your behavior (natural and adapted), your values ​​and your potential of development.
  • This report will allow you to know you better and to better understand the different patterns/styles of people who exist.
    • This way you will manage to adapt your own communication style to the needs of your stakeholders.
    • In addition, you will learn what impression you make on others and how others perceive you.
  • Whether it is during a career transition, for an improvement in your daily work, in order to promote your business or simply to develop new knowledge, INSIGHTS MDI® will bring you practical tools, suitable for field use.
  • This report is easily understandable presented with a clear color system .

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