Our Goal

To become your partner of PREFERENCES & a REFERENCE in your Human Resources projects.

PREFERENCES SA was created to offer high quality services that include a focus on the essential such as
the human values and the supporting contribution of coaching. We offer you custom-made solutions in
3 languages (French/German/English) across Switzerland and abroad.

Due to the many years of experience in each of the services offered, we bring your projects to a close with our know-how and with respect towards your environment. In order to support your long-term and sustainable development, we merge know-how and behavior; this is our PREFERENCE.

These solid skills will help us reach our objective to become your partner of REFERENCE in your professional and/or personnel projects.

«We support you with heart and mind while merging action and emotion

Our Mission-Statement

Through presence, active listening and respect for diversity we inspire companies, teams as well as individuals to optimize their INTERPERSONAL SKILLS and to continually improve their EXPERTISE in an enjoyable manner.

Developing and/or strengthening a motivating and inspiring professional and/or personal environment, based on the balance and the values of each one, this is what fascinates us.


To be a facilitator and a coach in the personal development and self-realization in order to reveal an unsuspected, creative and passionate potential of each individual. To be a bridge to a private and professional best in an environment of permanent learning.


Applying the dynamics of coaching in each of our services.

To support and help our clients to make constructive, inspiring and sustainable choices thanks to our placements services, advice, seminars/trainings and coaching.

Our Values

Company and employees who are clear about their values they share and respect, create an environment of trust and motivation.

« Knowing one’s values means being focused and centered in life. »

Here are the values of PREFERENCES

  • SUSTAINABILITY: We strengthen in a reliable and sustainable manner
  • EXCHANGE: Between us and our clients
  • HUMILITY: We respect the human being in its entirety
  • TEAM: Together, we can go further
  • AUTHENTICITY: Because authenticity creates trust
  • PLEASURE: Because we work according to our values

In all of our projects, we invest a lot to live and share this spirit with our stakeholders.

…. Sustainability, Authenticity, Soft Skills, Quality, Professionalism, INSIGHTS MDI®

Our Trainings


PREFERENCES SA is a valuable partner for coaching and all your vocational education and training projects.

We check regularly our quality and document the results.


  • labels PREFERENCES SA as a good quality institute in further education
  • contributes to securing and developing quality of PREFERENCES SA as institute in further education
  • adds more transparency for clients
  • Languages: French, English, German


  • Based on practical cases, on REFERENCES and verifiable BENCHMARK -> allows a full transfer
  • The goals are displayed into steps and communicated at the beginning of the course and then commented
  • Obstacles faced and major issues are regularly identified with the participants
  • Ask for receipts on the answers to the questions and issues discussed
  • Allow the sharing of experiences by giving voice to everyone and by giving precise instructions related to the current topic
  • In group training, if necessary, we have a conversation in private to redefine the objectives
  • Promote the implementation of real life situation and make it a formative evaluation
  • Encourage group work during and between classes
  • Revaluate proactivity and interactivity; any contribution of a participant has its value and is taken into account according to the subject of the course
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