If you are overloaded and need support, we will personally put ourselves at your disposal at your business site. Available and adaptable, our services are mainly designed for small organizations and SMEs.

Examples for our turnkey services:

  • support in human resources management and administration
  • projects in HR
  • definition, set up and of IT solutions CRM, recruiting and HR tools
  • definition and management of fully automated organizational charts (with additionally e.g. pictures, KPI’s etc.)
  • job descriptions, employment contracts
  • bonus systems
  • organizing and conducting interviews/end-of-year feedbacks
  • employment certificates
  • internal satisfaction survey with a follow up/action plan
  • dashboards with key performance indicators
  • partial, by the hour support, at any phase in your recruitment processes
  • participation in the selection and screening of applications
  • participation in interviewing candidates
  • giving a second opinion
  • customized assessments
  • personality test INSIGHTS MDI®

Our solutions are based on your needs and budget. We look forward to working out a customized and therefore tailored solution for you.


Professional Coaching and Executive Coaching by PREFERENCES are:

Establishing a partnership with a client in a creative dynamic that opens up dialogue and reflection. The process aims to inspire the client to find and optimize his or her deep resources and maximize his or her professional and personal potential.

  • Coaching helps the client define his or her needs and undertake actions towards achieving his or her vision, goals and desires.
  • Coaching uses a process of questioning and communication that allows the client to better discover who he is.
  • Coaching provides the client with a unique opportunity to get to know him better and provides a secure support structure and a consistent feedback.

Professional coaching helps the client define and achieve his professional and personal goals in a much quicker and more enjoyable way than would otherwise be possible. Coaches recognize that the results are always the product of the client’s intentions, choices and actions with the support and efforts of the coach. The results are proportional to the appropriate application of the coaching process. (Source: ICF Switzerland)

Coaching is carried out on the basis of a tripartite agreement between the company (the principal), the coached employee and the coach. The content of the interviews between the coach and the coachee remains strictly confidential and cannot be transmitted to the principal.

In a first non-binding interview, we clarify your objectives and then, after mutual agreement, establish a “contract of alliance” including the modalities of the coaching process in terms of duration, frequency of sessions, cost and approach.

Coaching is done on the basis of a tripartite agreement between the company (client), the employee coached and the coach. The content of the conversations between the coachee and the coach is strictly confidential and will not be forwarded to the client.

In a first free consultation with no obligation, we clarify your goals, and after mutual approval, establish an «alliance agreement» including the terms of the coaching process in terms of duration, frequency of sessions, cost and approach.

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