Are you an executive in a company or self-employed? Do you sometimes feel the pressure of your professional environment and want to find ways to sustain your performance or even strengthen your competitiveness, while respecting your personal balance? You have come to the right place. Have you heard of Performance Centers for athletes? Discover now the Performance Center for high-potential professionals at PREFERENCES.

As you know, many resources are available to athletes in the world of sport to achieve ever more ambitious and long-term objectives. Among these is training, not only physical, but also mental. This is what we offer you through a complete range of services based on 3 essential axes:

performance center

Our center offers many easy-to-use tools that will support you in achieving excellent results and help you become your own Chief Performance Officer:

Coaching and support for executives in:

  • Performance management
  • Leadership
  • Development of social intelligence, considered as a central competence for achieving performance
  • High-flying psychometric reports for an analysis of behavioural patterns and personal pressure management dynamics
  • Hypnosis of performance and mental preparation
  • Bio-Neurofeedback for performance = neurological reprogramming for better performance
  • Coaching in performance nutrition = nutrition for top athletes

Our Performance Centre offers global or tailor-made support according to your needs.

Get to know our specialists for the different performance areas:

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