Do you have questions about your professional future?

  • You have successfully completed your studies and you’re looking for a job.
  • You left your job or you are a victim of dismissal.
  • You are considering a change in your professional career.
  • You feel helpless or want to optimize your chances of success in order to ensure your professional future.

PREFERENCES SA supports you in this process by providing a career transition support program to meet your needs.

Where to find the solution?

Recruiters are looking for a person whose skills best match the open position. Selection of the perfect candidate is always centered around two key areas:

  • Hard skills
  • Soft skills

Often the candidate is not chosen during the 1st phase of evaluation despite having all of the required know-how. PREFERENCES SA helps participants identify their talents in order to make the difference on the market thanks to their life skills.

Our approach
Your positioning on the market is essential; it reflects your image and shows your ambitions for tomorrow – it is a rich combination of your professional skills, your social skills and your values.


Coaching is defined as a follow-up support in a time period, which allows the coachees to obtain concrete and measurable results in their professional and personal lives.

Through the coaching process, coachees value their talents and potential, deepen their knowledge and improve their performance.

Coaching can help you in the following situations (not exhaustive):

  • support/change management
  • realization of a personal or professional project
  • become aware of your resources, develop your potential
  • reorientation or return to work
  • support in your job search
  • planning for retirement
  • professional or private relationship problems
  • time and priority management
  • learning to say yes and no
  • learning to anticipate decisions and make choices
  • better manage your emotions, stress, conflicts
  • take or strengthen self-confidence and self-esteem
  • win in development, wellness, life balance and harmony
  • increasing self-knowledge and taking control of your own-life
  • support during difficult periods of life (dismissal, bullying, divorce, etc.)
  • wish to change your habits, to get out of the repetitive patterns

Neither advisers, nor trainers, nor psychologists, your coach acts as “potential coach” or “change catalyst”: he assists you, encourages you, stimulates your evolution, but does not manage you.

“Our potential can only be achieved by optimizing our own unique abilities;

never by modelling them on what a third party might think about how things should best be done.”
John Withmore

The coach considers his client as a partner. Both together determine the purpose, the scope and the expected results. The client is solely responsible for its own objectives. In this sense, he is master of the content.

Coaching is done on the basis of an agreement between the coach and the client: the coachee. During an initial interview without obligation, we clarify your goal, and after mutual agreement, establish an “alliance agreement” including the terms of the coaching process in terms of duration and frequency of sessions.

Our time is based on your needs.

For those who prefer to work in small groups, discover our interesting offer of thematic workshops promoting exchanges, knowledge sharing and networking aperitif.

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